“Thanks very much. I’m finding this programme to be the best nutrition plan I’ve ever tried  and believe me when I say I have tried many!!  The food is enjoyable, easy to prepare and even my fussy teenager is enjoying the meals, along with an appreciative husband.  I’m not having to cook separate meals for myself anymore”

“During the past month I have lost 5 kilo, an achievement for me as I have struggled to lose weight for a long time. A lot of my aches and pains are reducing but the biggest achievement for me is I do not suffer from debilitating prolonged hot flushes anymore. I put it down to no sugar. I have spent a lot of money on natural remedies through to GP prescription which had its own side effects. The meal plans have been great tasty and for me quick to prepare. I am so much more organised for meals which is great when you are a shift worker. I will adapt this lifestyle. Thanks girls as this has definitely been a much needed reset.”

“The recipes are very quick and delicious. My husband loved all the meals so no need to adapt for him. I also prepare all the food for my 2 & 4 year old – they ate quite a few of the dinners, and I just added a side like rice, spaghetti, or boiled potatoes for them.”

“Over 30 days I lost 4kg, but even better lost 11cm from my waist and 5 around my hips. I have loads more energy and no more afternoon slumps. I plan to adapt to this lifestyle!”

“The recipes are really easy and quick! Loving the flavours ❤️”

I have Crohns Disease which is managed with meds and steroids. I have always struggled to maintain weight without steroids. After 3wks in Keto I’ve now put on 2kg. Initially I struggled with bowel changes but that’s settled now. Im keeping a track of my symptoms and although it’s early days but there are certainly good signs of improvement.

Down 9.5 pounds!